This is a long-overdue tip of the hat to my colleagues in the Oracle Solaris group. I recently learned about an article they posted a couple of years ago about E-Business Suite 12.2 running on Oracle Solaris Cluster:

It is possible to install an EBS primary application tier and the associated WebLogic Administration Server on a logical host using Oracle Solaris Clusters. If the physical node hosting these EBS services fail, then Oracle Solaris Cluster will automatically failover to another physical node in the cluster.

This is very cool! In a traditional EBS multinode environment, any user sessions on an affected failed node that were in-flight (meaning, in the middle of a transaction) would be lost. Users would need to redo any transactions that were not saved when their node when down. Deploying EBS on Oracle Solaris Clusters allow for the failover without any impact to those in-flight transactions.

If you’re already running EBS on Solaris, you should definitely monitor this blog.

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