Oracle Report Manager is an online report distribution system that allows you to produce and manage point-in-time reports. Oracle Report Manager users can be either report producers or report consumers. Report producers submit, publish, and set security for reports. Report consumers view and approve reports.

Our Report Manager team has just released a new feature for EBS 12.2: you can copy custom Financial Statement Generator (FSG) report templates between Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 instances. For example, you can use this new feature to transfer templates from a test instance to a production instance.

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The Report Manager – Transfer FSG Custom Templates program lets you transfer custom FSG report templates between Oracle E-Business Suite instances. You can transfer a single template, a group of templates whose names begin with the same value, or all custom templates in the source instance. If the target instance already contains a template whose name matches a template being transferred from the source instance, you can choose whether to overwrite or preserve the existing template in the target instance.

This program does not transfer Rich Text Format (RTF) templates. For information on uploading RTF templates, see the Oracle XML Publisher Administration and Developer’s Guide.

This program transfers only custom templates. To add or upgrade templates provided by Oracle, apply the patches containing those template definitions.

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